Mindfulness Masterclass

Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your career and personal life?

Struggling with low energy levels and a lack of focus and motivation?

If so, mindfulness may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Vinay D Bajaj

  • Vinay has 7+ years of experience in Life and Transformation Coaching as well as Personal Counselling.
  • Read 100+ books on Personal development.
  • Implemented major learnings from personal development books and courses in his own life and later helped his clients implement them to achieve marvellous results.
  • Trusted by hundreds of Individuals and he is their Go-To person for self development.

Work Life Balance​

Are you always struggling with work-life balance?

Read this article to know what work-life balance really is and how to achieve it.

How to achieve work life balance

7 Habits to have an incredible day

Listen to learn about the 7 life changing positive habits to have an incredible day, every day.

What You Will Learn!



What People Say!

“Sessions with Vinay have provided a safe and structured space for me to discuss important issues in my life under the guidance of a professional who is patient and kind. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Vinay and urge all those who are going through a tough phase in life to seek coaching from him.”
Rahul Chawla
Co-owner, Bhagat B Tarachand
“The most inspirational human being I’ve ever met. Thank you for recharging my batteries, inspiring me for improving my passion and my skill set. I really appreciate the take-aways I can now apply to my work and personal life.”
Arijit Kar
QA Manager, IT
“He is one stop for all the solutions to your real life problems”
Roshan Sethia
CTO @ Contractor+
“You can Share Absolutely any Problem and Vinay will help you find a way. Counselling helps you to get a very neutral and unbiased opinion. If you are stuck anywhere and your brain has stopped working, counsellors help you see the unseen. I consulted Vinay Bajaj, regarding a professional problem for self-growth and self-improvement. I asked him about his own life. He opened up very frankly. Then I shared my personal problem and he was equally supportive. His own life is exemplary. The reflection of it is seen in the maturity of his thought and advice. Vinay seems to follow the mantra ‘happy to help’.”
Ekta Purswani
Ecologist and Content writer
“Talking To Vinay is smooth as he is easy to connect and form a rapport immediately where many others would struggle. He is the finest advisor to resolve most of your issues!!”
Chirag Balwani
Business Development Executive, Real Estate
“Vinay, A true friend, philosopher & guide. Sometimes you just need to listen to what you already know & sometimes you just need to clear the air. That’s where he comes into the picture. Thanks for being there. Because of you I didn’t give up.”
Sneha Jaisinghani
Brand Executive, Marketing

About Me!

Vinay D Bajaj

Energy Transformation Coach

An IT professional turned Transformation Coach.
I have been practicing and teaching Mindfulness Habits for 10+ years now helping several people Transform their Lives following a proven system.
I am on a mission to help 1 million millennials Energize their Lives through Mindfulness and I am the founder of the community, the “Energy Transformation Hub”.
I am an Amazon Bestselling Author for my book “The Power is Yours”



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