Self Help Book by Vinay D Bajaj




Do you ever feel powerless? Do you feel like you have no control over your life? Do you feel the need to change? ‘The Power Is Yours’ is the complete guide to increase your power and begin your self-transformation journey right away. It comes with a power-packed concept of having an exercise at the end of each chapter that will help you understand and implement the concept being talked about. The book has one key question per chapter that will get you thinking about new possibilities and will aid you in discovering yourself.

What You Will Get Inside This Book?

Awesome Quotes

Each chapter has a famous quote that explains the idea in brief. These Quotes are taken from some of the world-changing philosophers, scientists, monks, and coaches.

Life-Changing Concepts

A brief explanation of each concept and why it is important to know and implement it.

How To?

The book doesn’t just tell you about the concepts but also how to implement them. The author has explained how he learned each concept and how you can implement them faster.

Self Help Book by Vinay D Bajaj
Relatable Examples

The author has presented personal examples for giving a more clear understanding of the reader. These examples are relatable for every reader.


Each chapter contains a short yet powerful exercise at the end to make sure the reader has understood and starts to apply the concept immediately.


Many readers may need some quick recap of a concept and may not have time to read the complete chapter. There is a concise summary presented in each chapter which covers the best learnings.

Think About It

What we have forgotten in our busy lives is to stop and think. There is a question at the end of each chapter which will surely make the reader think hard and deep. Any of these questions could lead to a life-changing moment.

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Self Help Book by Vinay D Bajaj

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