Work Life Balance

How to achieve work life balance

Are you always struggling with work-life balance? Aren’t we all just dumbfounded when it comes to striking a healthy balance between the two? In this article, we are going to learn what exactly do we mean by work life balance and how to achieve it by following easy steps. What is work life balance? In … Read more

Is desire a Sin?

Is desire a sin?

Is desire a sin? To answer this question, we need to understand what is a desire? A desire is a longing to achieve or have something, it is a craving. It is more than just a wish. When you desire something, you really really want to have it. So, is desire a sin? The short … Read more

Encourage or Discourage?

Encourage or Discourage? What do you do? How we get discouraged How many times in your life have you thought of trying or doing something new, something that really excited you, that was absolutely brilliant of you to think of doing it. Then you told your friends and family about the thing, ending in them … Read more

Why do we fail?

Namaste! I would usually talk about how to be successful at things but to become successful we need to understand the reasons that lead us to failure Here are the main reasons we fail regardless of what we are trying to succeed at: 1. Goals not set or not clearly set Do you set goals? … Read more

How to Beat Depression?

What is Depression? Dictionary definition : Feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Just trying to understand that meaning is going to leave you depressed. So here is an easier way to understand what it is. Depression these days is a very common word. It has engulfed teenagers and elderly alike. So what is depression really? … Read more