How to Beat Depression?

What is Depression?

Dictionary definition : Feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

Just trying to understand that meaning is going to leave you depressed. So here is an easier way to understand what it is.

Depression these days is a very common word. It has engulfed teenagers and elderly alike. So what is depression really? Is it a lack of happiness? Lack of love? Lack of money? Lack of success? Lack of employment? Lack of ambition?

NO. Depression happens due to Lack of Activity. By activity I mean productive and constructive activity not just keeping oneself busy with social media, which is of very little use.

For those who are already suffering from this grave illness (or at least they think they do), morning sunlight and exercise combined are the best antidepressant known to mankind. If you wish to beat or rather avoid depression, you must keep yourself busy with something new and useful that you can learn. Something that makes you feel good or is something you just enjoy doing. It can be learning a new language or a new skill. It can be building new habits and replacing old ones. These things will not only keep the D word away but will also grow you in your personal and professional lives. The more you learn the more you earn.

You can start your day on a good note by being grateful, for the few things that you love about you or your life, first thing in the morning. Then do some exercise. You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. It can be yoga, dance, swimming, brisk walk, jogging, etc. Anything that just moves your body and makes you gasp for air or makes you sweat will do.

The internet is filled with rich resources for learning new skills, both free and paid. Use technology and the internet to your advantage instead of wasting your precious time on things that don’t really matter. Listen to audio books, podcasts, watch videos which teach you new skills. If you need motivation watch Ted talks videos, they are absolutely free and an amazing source of motivation. You can learn a new language and connect with people halfway around the world, again for free. Read self-help books for personality improvement. Read any books really to improve your reading comprehension skills as well as vocabulary (Suggestion: “The Power is Yours”) Read this book!

All you need is to keep your mind busy with constructive learning and depression cannot come near you.