How to Learn?

How to learn

This is one of my favorite subjects LEARNING. Before we get into how to learn, let’s talk about why should you? This is rather obvious. We all see the rate at which the world and technology are changing that if you don’t keep upgrading yourself, you will fall behind.

But How do you learn?

Do you think you are a lousy learner? Well that could be because you may not have yet found the method of learning that suits you best. We all have different learning styles and one particular style that suits us better than others.

There are 4 types of learners:

  1. The Visual learner: These people learn best when they are able to see what they are learning. Example: many people learn best from reading material like books, blogs, etc. Hint: If you are reading this, you mostly fall under this category.
  2. The Auditory learner: These people learn best when they are able to listen to what they are learning. Example: people who are more tuned to sounds, musicians, those that take audio programs and read audiobooks or listen to podcasts. If this is you, Check out the Podcast
  3. The Audio-Visual learner: These people learn best when their sight and hearing are both involved in the learning process. Example: people who like watching videos or learn from video courses. This is quickly becoming the most popular form as it works for the visual, auditory as well as audio-visual learners. If you fall under this category, go here and subscribe for future content: Go to  Youtube
  4. The Kinesthetic learner: Then there are those that cannot learn unless they do. These people hate theory and want to start practicing for the learnings to sync in. If you fall under this category, it is best to take in person coaching. If you learn Kinesthetically, reach out to me via the Contact page or Social media.

For one week, try all of these are see what helps you learn the best (unless you are already aware). Once you find the method that suits you best, continue using it to learn.  No matter what you do, please keep learning.

As a coach, I love asking questions and so here it is. What do you plan on learning next? Comment below and let me know 🙂

Until the next post, stay safe and stay healthy!!!

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