Is desire a Sin?

Is desire a sin?

To answer this question, we need to understand what is a desire?

A desire is a longing to achieve or have something, it is a craving. It is more than just a wish. When you desire something, you really really want to have it.

So, is desire a sin?

The short answer is YES and NO.

YES, it is a sin when:

  • It only benefits you and no one else
  • It completely consumes you and all you can think of is the desire
  • The lack of it burns you from within
  • It will bring you short term pleasure
  • Cost someone else in your fulfilment of it
  • Hurt someone else when you achieve it
  • It costs you your peace

NO, it is not a sin when:

  • It will benefit you but also others.
  • You want it but it is not the only thing you want
  • Need to work for it but also know that it is going to be yours
  • Do not have to harm or hurt someone else to achieve it
  • It is someone else’s desire to see you achieve it improving your life in the process
  • You find peace when you think of achieving it instead of anxiety

Non-personal desires:

The above statements only pertain to desires you have for yourself or others have for you. However, there is a greater desire than everything you want. It is when the universe desires something for you OR when it is the Universe’s desire and you are fulfilling it. This kind of desire comes from inspiration. You will know it when you are inspired by the Universe to do something, but to know that, you have to be aware. There is no desire that will benefit others and leave you in dismay. any desire for helping others will most certainly help you live up to your life purpose.

What do you feel about desires?

Have you ever had an inspired desire? Something that came from the universe instead of your wishes? Let me know in the comments below.

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