Analogy: Janmashtami and Success in Life

Jai Shri Krishna and Happy Janmashtami to one and all…

Dahi Handi Pyramid
MUMBAI, INDIA – AUGUST 15: Dahi Handi celebrations at Dadar, on August 15, 2017 in Mumbai, India. The child-god Krishna and his friends used to form human pyramids to break pots hung from the ceilings of neighbourhood houses, in order to steal curd and butter. Dahi Handi is one of the festive events and a team sport during the Hindu festival Gokulashtami, which is known as Krishna Janmashtami in the rest of the country, and celebrates the birth of Krishna. (Photo by Aalok Soni/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

I am going to offer a slightly different take on Janmashtami and the way Dahi Handi is celebrated.

This is an analogy about Life and Success.

So firstly, the Handi is your Goal and all the good tasty food inside it is all the goodness you want from Life. Everyone has a different Goal and their best version of Life contains different ingredients. That being said, whatever you have in your Handi will of course taste sweet to you.

Consider that you are the person in charge (because you are) of reaching the Handi and breaking it open so that you can enjoy all the goodness filled within. To do this, firstly you need the desire to get to the Handi. That itself is missing in many people, there is a difference between a wish and a desire. A desire keeps burning until fulfilled and a desire is a very personal thing.

Now, if you aim for someone else’s Handi, you will not have the motivation needed to keep climbing. And if at all you persist and are able to get to it, its contents may look good but may not taste sweet to you.

Let’s assume you are aiming at your own Handi (Goal). First you will need clarity of what it is you want (not because others want it or have it). Once it is clear, you need to figure why you want it. Next, you need to think what happens when you will actually achieve it and also what if you don’t. Both the answers should make your efforts more focused.

Next, you will need people to form the pyramid on which you will climb. Alone, you can never reach the Handi placed high. You can of course keep the Handi low enough that you yourself can reach it, but is that all you desire? The part the makes the Dahi sweet is the effort taken in reaching it, no? True success needs collaboration and team work.

Next, you will need to hone the necessary skills. If you want to reach the top but never learn to take support from others and climb, you will never reach your goals. If you start climbing without the skill, you will fall (and that is OK). Only when you fall will you learn how not to fall the next time. Fall you will, maybe several times, and for that you need the will power to keep getting up and trying again. Once you fall enough times that you master the skill, there is no stopping you. You will reach your Handi.

When you do reach your Handi and break it open, all the goodness stored in it will just exhilarate you, excite you, and give you the joy you longed for. Feel the ecstasy of it!!! Do observe that when the handi breaks, the goodness will not only be yours but a part of it will also reach those that are supporting you. That’s the way life works. Let other also bask in your Success J

But when you do reach the top, do not become arrogant. Remember you could not have gotten there without the support of each and every one that helped you climb. Stay Humble and Kind. Appreciate all the work others did for you to get there. Just be Grateful because not many that start the climb, reach the Handi…

And remember, there are more Handi’s out there. Once you get to yours, or even before that, try to help others reach their personal Handi’s.

Hope you enjoyed this analogy between Janmashtami (Dahi Handi) and Success in Life !!!

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