Life Coaching

Life Coaching


Who is a Life Coach?

Just like a football coach teaches you to get better at football, a Life coach helps you get better at Life.

Do we need a coach for life? Seriously?

Yes, we are all living our lives and to some, the idea of having a life-coach can be downright ridiculous; but are we living the lives we want? Are we most effective at things we do? Are we making the most of our time, relationships, tasks at hand? Are we living a happy and purposeful life?

Some of you might be living such a life but a vast majority is not even close to this.

What does a Life Coach do?

A Life Coach takes on so many roles that even listing each one is difficult. Few important thing a Life coach helps you with are:

  1. Living a more productive life
  2. Become healthier in mind, body and spirit
  3. Become aware of your limiting beliefs and override them
  4. Set and achieve your goals
  5. Keep yourself accountable
  6. Think about important life questions that you otherwise ignore
  7. Breaking negative and forming positive habits

Who needs a Life coach?

Short answer is everyone.

Life-Coaching isn’t just to fix you when you feel broken or stuck; It is to help you get permanently better at Life.

A lot of people think that only people who are broken, depressed or having a life full of problems are the ones that need coaching. However, that is far from true. Each and every one of us needs a coach to guide, help us or at least keep us accountable and give us a second pair of eyes and a second mind to think/analyze.

Unless you have mastered each and every area of your life, are living the life you always wanted, and have nothing more to do or achieve, you could benefit from having a life-coach.

Convinced yet?

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