New Year’s Resolutions

Okay, so there is this joke going around on social media and I quote : “My goal for 2018 is to accomplish the goals of 2017 which I should have done in 2016 because I promised them in 2015 and planned in 2014”.

As funny as it seems at the first look, it is a very demotivating message. Now, I myself think that there is no specific time for introspection and one can start improving themselves any time they decide to. I still do support “New Year’s Resolutions” because that is an activity done by many around the same time and hence we give more energy to it. Because a new year brings a lot of hope for new things. Even if nothing else changes, at least the year we write at the end of a date changes and that is a start.

We are all hopeful for things to change and improve in the new year. Resolutions are just a way to prepare ourselves to get closer to achieving our goals. I make resolutions every year and I take them very seriously. They are a way of continuously reminding myself of the improvements still needed to be made. Let me say this, if you do not take yourself seriously, no one else will. If you don’t push yourself, no one will. Have goals, if you don’t have any, what motivates you? Have hope, what do we have if not hope?

Below, I will share steps for making resolutions effectively, steps that I use and have worked for me over the years. Here goes :

Step 1 : Resolve to make new year’s resolutions (The obvious requirement)

Step 2 : Think about the past year, what went right, what wrong, what went as planned, what did not and analyse the things you think you should improve on.

Step 3 : Analyse the feedback you keep getting from your family and close friends about the things they think you should improve on.

Step 4 : List down all the things you wish to change/achieve in the upcoming year. By listing down, I mean writing them down on a piece of paper, on your laptop or on your phone, whatever works for you. (Most important step)

Step 5 : Make sure wherever you jotted them down, is handy enough to be checked every day.

Step 6 : Voila. Your resolutions are ready.

Although each and every one will have their own goals to achieve, here is a short list that should cater to many people if not all. Here is a small list of suggestions that are generic and should be a part of resolutions of many out there :

  • Better health. Includes your target weight regardless of whether you need to gain or lose.
  • Being more punctual.
  • Being more polite and kind to all those around us, family comes first.
  • Read more, read everyday. (Because reading helps)
  • Doing one thing every day that absolutely exhilarates you (Play that game you love)
  • Anger Management (Oh yeah!)
  • Meditation (More on this in my book “The Power is Yours”) here

I hope this helps and I sincerely hope to see more people making and striving to achieve their resolutions.