Roller Coaster Ride

Everybody loves rides regardless of their gender, age, height, weight, etc. No matter who you are and where you reside on Earth, you love rides. Some like them a little straight forward while others like the thrilling kind. So let us compare 2 rides; an easy straight going train and a roller coaster.

Ride 1 – Simple Train : You sit into the ride. It is a small train. The ride begins at a steady pace. Keeps continuing at the same pace for the entire duration. Also, does not have any twists and turns. Just a simple train ride with no turns and no changes in velocity. You just sit there throughout the duration of the ride in the same position looking at the same things.

Ride 2 – Roller Coaster : You sit into the ride. Its a huge roller coaster with lots of twists and turns. It operates at a blistering speed. Sometimes you are up, sometimes down. It is exhilarating. Makes your heart beat faster. Makes you scared, well good scared. There is a gush of excitement flowing through your body as you take the ride. When the ride ends, you have something to talk about, you share your feelings throughout the ride, something memorable.

Which of the 2 rides would you prefer taking? If your answer is Ride 1, please do not read ahead. What follows is not for you. If you chose Ride 2, think of the reasons you chose it. Because it is exciting? Fast? Topsy-turvy? Breath-taking? Regardless what the reason you chose it, the underlying fact is because you will enjoy it. You will have something to talk about, an experience to share, something to remember.

If we are choosing a ride, even though it is just for a couple of minutes, to be a memorable one, how about living a life that is exhilarating, exciting, fun, memorable? The roller-coaster is your LIFE. Life has its ups and downs, it is sometimes slow sometimes fast. Sometimes you are up, other times down. But it is all worth it if you are having fun doing whatever you are doing.

Stop taking Life so seriously. You will have your good days as well as bad ones. The key is to enjoy each and every moment that you are alive. The more you enjoy, the more things life will give you to enjoy.

Be good and do good. Treat everyone kindly.