Why do we fail?

Man stressed due to failure

Namaste! I would usually talk about how to be successful at things but to become successful we need to understand the reasons that lead us to failure
Here are the main reasons we fail regardless of what we are trying to succeed at:

1. Goals not set or not clearly set

Do you set goals? If not, then there is no surprise that you don’t succeed. Goals give us a direction to work in and targets to hit. Your mind needs to know where it is going. Your number 1 priority should be setting goals.

If you do set goals and yet are not able to achieve them, maybe your goal is either vague or not very clearly defined.

A clearly defined goal needs to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART).

2. No Progress Tracking

If you don’t track your progress how will you come to know whether you are on track to achieving your goals or not? It helps to break your goal down in to track able weekly or monthly milestones.

Benefit of tracking is that you will come to know sooner that you are not on track to achieve your target and gives you a better chance to re-focus.

Resource: Habit Share link

3. No accountability
Do you have anyone holding you accountable for your goals? If you don’t yet have an accountability partner I urge you to find one.

Of course you have to be honest with your accountability partner for it to work.

Pro Tip: Make sure your accountability partner is also aligned to their own goal. Works better when it is both ways.
Resource: Habit share also lets you share your habits with your accountability partner 🙂

4. Lack of a compelling reason

Okay so you set goals, are held accountable and even track your progress. What if you are just not able to do the things needed? Where will the motivation or inspiration come from to continue your pursuit?

You need to have a strong why behind your goal which will keep you going.

Resource: Read the beautiful book “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek

Secret: You know what makes you absolutely accountable? Sharing your goals. Please share your next goal in the comments
(this may help you get an accountability partner)

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